Personal Training Sessions

As a trainer, personal sessions are my specialty. Let me help you reach your goals while helping you understand what exercises your body needs. Each woman’s body is different (and changes more after each pregnancy and birth), having someone to help you navigate your fitness goals and needs during this time helps a lot.

Put your mind at ease and let me help you achieve your personal best and learn how well your body can work for YOU!

To schedule your personal training session just contact me via email!

Postpartum Exercise Programs

How you exercise after having a baby will have lasting effects on your health and on your body. If you do it correctly you can set yourself up to be a healthy, active mom. Let me guide you into proper, appropriate, safe exercises for the postpartum period.

Personal Training Sessions

For more personalized help with your fitness goals, personal training is a great way to have one-on-one assistance and coaching for exercises. My training includes assessments of potential injury areas and creation of personalized exercise programs to help your body achieve your goals!

Prenatal Exercise Programs

Pregnancy is a vital time to take good care of your body. To be guided in proper exercise to benefit you, your baby, and help reduce the number of pregnancy-related injuries join one of my prenatal exercise programs.

Living the fullest life possible…

Imagine having the energy and physical strength to do all the things you want to with your family now and in the future! That is the very reason that drives me to create these programs for you (and myself). I plan to live this life to the very fullest and that includes taking care of my body so it can do the things I want to do and be the best me for myself and my family.

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