Training Programs

I have different exercise training programs available to help you on your fitness journey. From Diastasis Recti Core Programs to Prenatal Strength Training, The Strong Mama has something for all mamas!

These programs are created specifically for moms and all have connection to me (your mama trainer) available for more assistance!

Take a look at the programs available and feel free to reach out with any questions

Mom Core Program

Effectively restrengthen and heal your abs after pregnancy. Appropriate for women with Diastasis Recti or just general weak core muscles.

Mommy Muscles

Restrengthen and tone your body safely after having a baby.

Prenatal Strength Training

Learn how to keep your body strong during pregnancy. This will benefit both you and baby during before, during, and after birth!

Ready to Run

Learn how to ease back into running safely. Additional strength exercises added to your program will keep your body strong and healthy during this unique time.

Sweat therapy…

Exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels, increase self confidence, and assist in an active/healthy life. Who doesn’t need that?!

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