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Running after Baby

Michelle Tucker, pre/postnatal trainer How to ease into running after having a baby? Just do kegels, right?! So many moms are or become runners. Why? Running is free (mostly), it can be done anywhere, it is an effective cardio workout for minimal time needed, you can take your child with you in a stroller (if […]

How to Exercise with Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy happens to many women (it’s been estimated 1 in 5 pregnant women experience it (1)). A combination of Relaxin hormone that makes everything looser and a widening in the hips to allow baby to grow makes the pelvis a vulnerable part of the body in pregnancy. When the hip joints […]

Diastasis Recti-Does every mom get it?!

Diastasis Recti- buzz word in postpartum fitness right now. Ab separation, stomach muscles that literally separate during pregnancy. Sounds scary to new and expecting moms, is another “issue to address” for many busy, repeat moms. Either way, it affects most of the moms out there to some degree. Research shows that about 60 % of women […]

Is there such thing as “getting your body back”?

“We literally have a new body after the baby is born! To realize and embrace this truth will not only free women from the oppressive notions that we have to ‘fix ourselves’ after having a baby, but also allow us to let our bodies heal properly (by being kind and gentle with ourselves in postpartum). […]

Living with prolapse part 1

I have prolapse (aka pops, aka pelvic organ prolapse, aka my organs are falling out of my body!). Sounds awful, right? The first time I had heard of this term was when my pelvic floor therapist was conservatively diagnosing me with it. I had had my second son 2 months before, I was a certified […]