The Strong Mama

I fell in love with exercise when I was in High School. I became a trainer when I was pregnant with my first son. I realized my “true calling” as a “Mom Trainer” (pre/postnatal) after suffering injuries from labor with my first son and spending over a year in rehab.

During this unique stage in my life I learned the tools and exercises that helped me become the healthiest and fittest I had ever been. I continued to get healthier and fitter after my second son and realized that sharing this knowledge and training was benefiting my “mom clients”. My joy is having a fit/capable body, my PURPOSE is helping you have that too!

A new baby means a new body for Mom. Celebrate the new you that is created when your new little one came into the world!

My philosophy

The body goes through unique changes during pregnancy and after. This season deserves SPECIFIC and INTENTIONAL exercises  NOT just modifications to a standard exercise program. I have studied and collaborated with some health/fitness professionals for moms to create my programs that are made for this purpose:

  • Strengthen the body appropriately in pregnancy to help the mom stay strong and injury free during and after pregnancy
  • Teach awareness of the muscle groups most affected by the changes in this season so you learn to use them properly for life long
  • Assist the body in the healing process during postpartum and ease it back into tailored exercises to strengthen it for today AND for TOMORROW!

I don’t believe in getting your “body back” after having a baby. I believe that it better serves each mom to realize their body is different after each baby in many ways. Acknowledging where the body is at with respect and helping it get better/stronger from that place is the best way to get into shape after kids!

My Résumé



Prenatal Fitness CEU

Through ACE I completed education credit in Prenatal Fitness Training. I learned more specifically the physical and physiological changes that happen to a woman’s body during this unique life stage. I was taught how to train expecting clients in a safe way (minimizing risk of injury) and effectively prepping their bodies for the physical task of carrying and delivering a baby.

I also learned how to train clients in the postpartum period using specific exercises to help their bodies heal and strengthen after pregnancy.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, CEU in pre/postpartum training

Other CEUs in General Nutrition, Training Women at Every Stage, Training the Pelvic Floor within the Kinetic Chain, Strength Training for Adults over 50.


Colorado State University

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology at CSU, Fort Collins, CO.

Previous Jobs


The Strong Mama LLC Trainer and Owner

Started, own, and train for The Strong Mama LLC.

  • Personal Training of clients
  • Create and run programs
  • Lead Stroller Workouts
  • Hold information Workshops


Raintree Athletic Club

Raintree Athletic Club is located in Fort Collins, CO. I was hired and worked specifically as THE “Mom Trainer” there for the members

  • Train pre/postpartum clients
  • Create and run exercise programs for different clientelle
  • Created and hosted the weekly: Mom Workout and Coffee Hour