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I am also a personal trainer at Raintree Athletic Club (located on Drake and Shields)! I offer personal training to both members and non-members!!! Feel free to contact me for information about prices and services.

Description of Events:

Group Stroller Workouts: Come get a good walk/run in with other moms! We meet at City Park on Friday mornings by the big frogs on the east side of the lake. We then split into a couple of groups (walkers, jog-walkers, and runners) and make several laps around the lake or the whole park before meeting at a designated area to participate in strength exercises together led my Michelle Tucker. This is a very relaxed atmosphere and moms feel free to do what is best for them and their kids during the workout (stop to nurse, soothe, etc). The more the merrier, so please, invite your friends!

**This is a free service provided by Michelle and will continue again this spring!

Moms Coffee Hour: All mom members of Raintree Athletic Club are welcome to come enjoy the company of other moms. Come chat and meet new friends all while enjoying a free cup of coffee on the RAC! We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 9am @ the RAC cafe. **No cost.




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