Personal Training Services

Are you looking for a personal trainer? I love to work with new moms or moms-to-be, but also anyone who is looking to get back in shape or in shape for the first time! I can help you reach goals of being healthier, more active, stronger and overall happier about who you are! Contact me if you are interested in starting your journey to getting in shape!

The Strong Mama Personal Training and Fitness Sessions:

  1. One-on-one Individual Personal Training Sessions: hour long sessions that are individualized and personal to help you meet your fitness goals. $50 per session
  2. Packaged Sessions: Packaged personal training “series” sold for discounted rates. 6 pack: $280, 12 pack: $550.
  3. Buddy Sessions: Get the benefits of personal training and comraderee when you and a friend have sessions with Michelle. Cost is split equally between two parties and total is slightly less than personal sessions. $74 per session, $420 for 6 pack, $660 for 12 pack
  4. Personal Training Check-in Sessions: Don’t have the ability to purchase personal training sessions but still would like to “check-in” with Michelle, gain some assessments of your body, and get some ideas on how you can stay active? These sessions can range in time between 1-2 hours and can include many physical assessments as well as thoughts and ideas on exercise for you and your lifestyle. $65-$80
  5. New Client Package: If you have never worked with Michelle Tucker before, this package is a great deal! Package includes 1 consultation (may include fitness tests/assessments/etc) and two sessions for $110 total.

More Details on each of the services offered:

  1. One-on-one Personal Training Sessions: Enjoy the individualized attention of your personal trainer for an hour. During this time you will be able to express your desires and goals for fitness in your life and together you and Michelle will work to reach them. Together you will create a plan to reach your goals and you will have the accountability and access to Michelle via email outside of her sessions!
  2. Packaged Sessions: Can be sold for below specific groups or anyone looking to buy a package of training sessions in general.
    1. Prenatal Series: Being an expecting mom is an exciting time of life, however, your body is going through many changes during this time. Let Michelle help you build your body to better carry the weight of a growing baby, as well as prep you physically for the “work” of labor. Your series will last the length of your pregnancy and include a “check-in” session after your 6 week post partum doctor visit.
    2. Postpartum Series: This series includes a package of one-hour-long session every week for the first 6 months postpartum (or any 6 months in the postpartum year). It can be tailored to focus on different goals such as: building a strong body to meet the demands of caring for a baby, gaining back your body after having a baby, and meeting a new physical goal postpartum.
    3. New Goal Series: Together you and Michelle with create a plan and work toward a goal of your choice. This can include training for an athletic event (5k, triathalon, etc), losing weight, or gaining strength (increase ability to lift a certain amount, etc.). The length of your series will be catered to your starting point, goal, and ability to workout throughout the week.
  3. Buddy Sessions: You and a friend can sign up to have personal training sessions together. During this time, Michelle will work with you both on your fitness goals and it will give you some comraderee in the process. Note: Buddy sessions are still sold in hour long sessions and due to the nature of the session are not as individualized as one-on-one sessions.
  4. Personal Training Check-in Sessions: During these sessions your can choose to have body and/or fitness assessments done by Michelle, as well as time to ask questions regarding fitness and gain ideas on how to get active yourself. Sold in individual sessions.
  5. New Client Package: If you want to see what it would be like to work with Michelle as a trainer this is a great package for you! Your consultation is a perfect time to ask her any questions about her training, for her to find out more about you, your fitness level, your goals and what you are looking for in a trainer. She offers fitness testing, measurements and weigh-ins with her consultation. Then you have two hour sessions to workout, learn exercises and follow up with Michelle! **Only available once per client**

**Contact Michelle @ for information on pricing!**

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