How The Strong Mama has helped others with personal training…

Dani’s Prenatal Personal Training Experience:

“My husband has said many times that the time I spent doing personal training with Michelle Tucker hugely contributed to my ability to go through the labor and delivery of our daughter. Because I’ve never pursued endurance sports, throughout my pregnancy he had genuine concern that the labor process would be unbearable for me. Luckily, with the help of Michelle, that wasn’t the case. Working with her was not only incredible helpful for the last (literal) push of pregnancy, but for every step on the road to delivery day.

Michelle showed genuine care and concern for every pain and discomfort I experienced during pregnancy. She assigned exercises and stretches to address each of the ever-changing strains that my body underwent with my developing baby bump. It was amazing to me to encounter all the changes that women’s bodies are designed to sustain as they adjust to the new weight distribution and changing physiology that comes with pregnancy. In my times with Michelle, she seemed to always be a step ahead of these changes, knowing the symptoms and aches I might be experiencing next, and suggested exercises and giving advice for each of them.

I really appreciated the way that Michelle described the goal of each exercise she assigned. They ranged in purpose from addressing certain pains to strengthening muscles I would need as my baby continued to grow and eventually for the labor and delivery! Michelle’s explanations were great motivation for me to do the exercises throughout the week. I knew the details of how I was strengthening and preparing my body and how I was protecting and caring for my baby!

With Michelle, no topics were off limits! It was so helpful to have someone who had been through pregnancy and was unashamed in discussing each part and function of my body. She had great advice and knowledge for even my most awkward questions!

Michelle’s strength of faith in God and the way she trusts Him daily was very comforting to me, especially in discussing my fears as I looked ahead to labor. It’s something I had never been through before, and Michelle was so sweet to provide not only tons of really helpful advice for both the mental and physical side of labor, but to also help me find my confidence in the Lord’s strength to bring me through it!

I am truly grateful for the time I got to spend with Michelle preparing to have my baby!”

 Carol’s Postpartum Personal Training Experience…

“When I started working with Michelle, I had a 6 month old. I wasn’t very active, had some pain, and hardly weighed less than I did when I went into the hospital to have my baby! Michelle met with me and learned my strengths and weaknesses (both physically and mentally) and helped me to develop a plan to get me moving. She helped me to set realistic goals that I could actually do. She also helped to work on trouble areas in my body that were hurting and still recovering from birth. She focused on making me strong, so that I would enjoy moving more and be prepared for life with a very mobile baby.

From the time Michelle started working with me to now, I feel completely different. I have been working out consistently for the first time in my life. I don’t have anymore pain,  I feel stronger, and my baby weight is finally starting to come off! I feel so good! Michelle’s encouragement, knowledge, and challenges have been huge in making that happen.”

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