My Favorite Stability Ball Exercises: Part 2: Lower Body Workout

This is a continuing series on Stability Ball Exercises. These exercises are for the lower body. I love the balance challenge a stability ball brings to workouts and the assistance it can give to help modify exercises for beginners. Either way, I think anyone could enjoy this workout!

Stability Ball Exercises:

Lower Body:

  1. Assisted Rollout Lunges:

Stand in lunge position with ball at the side where your leg is back. With your hand on the ball lower down into a lunge (make sure your stance is wide enough that your front knee does not move in front of your front toe). Roll the ball forward as you lunge down. Repeat on opposite side. *Safe for pregnancy as long as hips and groin don’t hurt.

2. Sumo Squat:

Stand with feet wider that hip width apart and toes pointed to the corners of the room. Hold ball up overhead or place ball in front of you and both hands on ball. Squat straight down (knees following direction of toes) while keeping ball overhead or rolling ball out in front lightly. Chest stays lifted and core pulled in. Slowly lower back up to starting. *Safe for pregnancy (especially rolling ball out version).

3. Back Leg Lift:

Place both hands on top of ball as you lean forward. Back is straight and core pulled in. Lift one leg straight back, keeping leg straight and foot flexed. Use butt muscle to pull leg up. Lower slowly and repeat with other leg. *Safe for pregnancy.

4. Side Leg Lift:

Place both hands on ball as you lean forward. Back is straight and core engaged. Lift one leg straight out to side, keeping leg straight and foot flexed. Lower down slowly and repeat on other side. *Safe for pregnancy.

5. Lying Back Leg Lift:

Lying with stomach on top of ball, place hands in front on the ground to help stabilize. Keep legs straight in back and toes on ground. Pull core in and lift one leg straight back with foot flexed. Lower slowly and repeat on opposite side.

6. Hamstring Roll In and Glute lift:

Lying on the ground on your back, place both heels on the top of the ball. Roll ball toward your body and lift butt off the ground once ball is close. Slowly lower butt back to ground and roll ball back out to starting.

7. Split Squat:

Start with the top of one foot on top of the ball and balancing on your other foot. Keeping back straight and core engaged, roll ball straight back and squat down with other leg, bending at the knee. Slowly roll ball back in and raise back up to starting. Repeat with other side. *Safe for pregnancy as long as balance is ok.

8. Wall Ball Slide:

Standing against a wall with the ball between the small of your back and the wall, place feet hip width apart. Slowly lower down as ball rolls against wall and knees bend. **Knees should not travel in front of toes.**Raise back up carefully to starting. *Great for pregnancy!

9. Thigh Lift:

Resting one side of body on the ball and knee on the ground, straighten other leg and hold on to ball. Pull core in and then raise top leg straight up keeping foot flexed. Lower back down to starting. Repeat on other side when finished with this leg. *Safe for pregnancy as long as groin and hips don’t hurt.

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