Strong Mama’s 3 Main Ideas in Helping You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Many moms find it hard, if not impossible, to workout with their schedules and energy demands in daily life. I believe being healthy and active (especially as a long-term lifestyle) is not only realistic but very helpful for helping moms feel more prepared for the demands of their day. I take a very specific approach which includes 3 main ideas that are a foundation for this way of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise happens all day long as you complete your daily activities. If you have the right muscle build, posture, and movement practices you will complete each physical motion in your day correctly, which will encourage correct muscle build and skeletal formation, which will mean a leaner, stronger body, a body that burns more calories, protected joints, and more stamina to be able to do physical things throughout your day.

2. To be able to complete number 1 you need to have the strength and flexibility built up in the right muscles. I can help you learn the BEST exercises for YOUR BODY and DAILY LIFESTYLE which will encourage this optimal body you need.

3. Quality over quantity with the BEST exercises for you will require less time and deliver much better results. If you learn correct form, breathing techniques you will get more from each movement you do…which will then be reinforced through your day as you learn to automatically use this practice with your daily activities.

I believe that exercise isn’t just what you do for those 30 min in the morning. It is something you do all day long (especially as a mom) if you learn to do it correctly. A little devoted, concentrated time spent with the correct exercises can change how your body functions and set you up for a life-long healthy working body!

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