Becoming The Strong Mama

This year has been a new experience for me (to say the least). Becoming a new mom, my road to recovery with pelvic and hip injury, expanding my knowledge of the body and exercise has all been very transforming for my life. I feel as if I am coming through it all with a healthier lifestyle and perspective on what it means to use and take care of your body for the long run. I believe now, more than ever, that exercise is a very important part of living a healthy life and helpful to being the best you. I also am very excited to learn and share that exercise does not have to fit into the small box that it is often put in. There is a very creative and innovative part of my job that includes finding how to incorporate exercise and correct movement in each person’s life to increase their ability in activities and protect and build their bodies for a long, strong, life-long journey!
If you are a mom, chances are you feel like there is never enough time in the day to do all you would like. Caring for another life comes with a lot of demands on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Being a strong mama means you invest a little time in yourself to take care of your body so it can function well all day for your children. You may be saying to yourself at this point, “That sounds great, but when am I suppose to be able to exercise? Between being up at night with a baby, or helping with homework and chauffeuring school-age kids all over town, not to mention taking care of a house and husband and sometimes working on top of it all…when in the world am I suppose to find the time and energy to workout too?!” The good news is that exercise isn’t just that time you find to go to the gym or run…as a mom you are exercising all day! However, unless your posture, form, and technique are correct you may be wearing out your body rather than building it with the activities you complete. For example, caring for a young baby requires squatting, bending, lifting, carrying, sometimes tossing weight all day long. If you do not have the right muscles built and correct form in these activities you could be stressing your back and joints more and more to where you suffer now or later in life from this damage.
Simple daily movements, like cleaning, carrying groceries, picking up a child can all be building exercises too…if done correctly. Instead of stressing your back and joints, you could be building good glute and core muscles, strengthening your arms, and increasing your balance with each activity you perform. This is where I can help. I can work with you to find out what kind of strengthening your body specifically needs to help you meet the unique demands your daily life requires. By investing some time in yourself to train your body to work correctly you are creating a foundation of a strong, enduring body and positive effects that will build off one another.
This is the practice that has helped me lose my baby weight and become more fit as a woman overall. This is how I am being transformed into The Strong Mama!

Read on to learn my specific 3 step approach to helping women from all walks of life become the strongest and physically healthiest version of themselves!

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