The Strong Mama: supporting moms through fitness

Welcome to The Strong Mama website! I am a personal trainer who is passionate about helping women of all ages (especially young moms) reach their fitness goals. Take a look around. Enjoy my posts that include exercise tips, the services I provide, and my personal journey as a new mom!



First, let me explain a little more about my mission…

Why Young Moms?

I have learned a lot about fitness and motivation through my own experiences and then further study. My most recent adventure was giving birth to my son and now learning to be a mom. I have found that there are a lot of needs for a woman who has become a new mom. Some of those include a need for support, a need for direction, and a need for friendship.  My desire to provide this for other women along with my passion for staying healthy and active are the motivation behind this site and the services I provide.

I am a firm believer that staying active increases not only your physical health and well-being but your mental and emotional as well. However, to find that balance and ability in today’s society with all the different demands our lives have on us can be very challenging. It is my desire to help interested women in finding this balance in their lives in a realistic and enjoyable way. Finding exercise to be something attainable and even something they like having as a part of their day is important.

Especially young moms seem to struggle with insecurities about their bodies. Through the process of carrying and having a child your body changes so much. So does the demands on your life and your energy. I hope to create an environment that allows women to achieve their goals while still having time in their days for their family and other responsibilities. I also hope to be a voice of encouragement and positive motivation.

I have also discovered that many young moms have a great desire to have adult companionship and support in their life. Raising children is so fulfilling and so draining at the same time. Having a community of other moms that understand and support you can make all the difference as well as be a great medium to make long lasting relationships.

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